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released April 26, 2011



all rights reserved


Thomas Wing ~ BL∆CKOUT M∆KE OUT Quezon City, Philippines

I am Blackout Make Out.

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Track Name: Tell Me You Want Me (to stay)
tell me if you want me
to stay
tell me if you need me
to love you
because I'm leaving
because I'm leaving
Track Name: What Is Love?
What is love?
Do you know?
I'm Waiting
Waiting on you
Teach me
Teach me the way
Do you run away?
Or will you stay?
Are you high or low?
Do you feel all alone?
Tell me
Tell me a lie
Or show me
Show me your life
Without conditioning
Do you
Live in fear
Or are you free as a bird?
Do you live by the rules?
Or do you skip out of school?
Please come home with me
I'll show you
What it is
Tell me
What makes you wet?
Let me be the one
Can you hear me?
Singing from my tree
Track Name: What Time Is It
What time is it?
I lost my mind today
I got distracted
by all of the little things

What day is it?
why do I even care
the colors bled
I've got angels in my hair

What time is it?
No, I mean the time of year
What were we talking about
I want to fuck a deer

I'm having troubles
Fall'n asleep at night
I need a girl to love
Pull me in real tight

oh what time is it
I slept away my day
times moving fast
but I feel like clay

oh I heard a door bell
I heard the telephone ring
I heard a lady scream
I heard the dog bark

Oh, where's my intern?
I wonder what we're makin'
I got distracted
I am the CEO of bacon
Track Name: I Can Make It
I can't take it anymore
I can't make it like this
I can't fake it ever again
I can't deal with this shit

Do you even know me?!
Do you even know what it takes?
Do you even know what it means
to be free?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wash away the pain
I can make it
I can take it
I can deal
I won't fake it